CHESS: Topper Daboul and Yaswant Vaswani crowned champions of Sint Maarten! | FAXINFO

We can no longer count the number of titles of Yashwant Vaswani, already multiple winner of tournaments in Saint-Martin and Sint Maarten who further expanded his list of achievements last Sunday. Topper Daboul won his first victory among young people.

At the Anchor Bar on Snoopy Island, Yashwant Vaswani added a new line to his exceptional record by being crowned the new champion of Sint Maarten at the age of 64.

The fact remains that the road to success has not been a long, quiet river for Yashwant! Defeated during the 3rd round by a promising Sydney Selbonne, the championship has in fact seen five different leaders. We therefore had to wait until the 8th and final round to crown Yashwant Vaswani, the latter having outclassed Simon Boucher who was then still in the race to win the title.

First victory for Topper Daboul

Unlike adults, the scenario was completely different among young people. Installed from the start in 1st place, Topper Daboul beat his eight opponents in turn to win brilliantly in the end. A first victory which will certainly lead to others! A big congratulations also to Valéria Sequera who climbs to the 2nd step of the podium after having removed from her victorious path all the boys except Topper Daboul! _AF

The results :

Adult ranking:

1st: VASWANI Yashwant: 7 points

2nd: BASZAK Dawid: 6,5 pts

3rd: PICARLE Jeremie: 6 pts

4th: BOUCHER Simon: 5,5 pts

5th: SELBONNE Sydney: 5 pts

Youth ranking:

1st: DABOUL Topper: 8 points

2nd: SEQUERA Valeria: 7 pts

3rd: MANCA Emilio: 6 pts

4th: VAN DER HORST Christian: 5 pts

5th: SELBONNE Yohan: 5 pts

Source: Faxinfo