Coupe de France Shindokaï 2023: The Saint-Martin residents have returned loaded with medals! | FAXINFO

During the 31st Shindokaï French Cup in Nice on March 11 and 12, the Shindokaï karate selection from Saint-Martin led by Shihan Thierry Saint-Auret of the Caribbean Karate Oyama Club confirmed its reputation as champions by winning a harvest of medals.

For this prestigious sporting meeting where two hundred fighters compete, six Saint-Martin residents were selected to take part in this high-level competition, three girls and three boys: Rachelsy Hodge, Françoise Vincent, Géraldine Magnat, Saïd Lake, Franklin Vincent and Jamal Thenard. Showing unfailing determination despite the pre-match stress, the youngsters proved their mastery of discipline against fighters who are used to competitions at a sustained pace, unlike the six Saint-Martin champions: "This national competition brings together all the clubs of France, of all levels, it is a great pride that we can achieve such convincing results coming from an island territory where access to this type of competition requires a important logistics to get there once a year," says Thierry Saint-Auret. With a level that continues to rise among the six fighters from Saint-Martin who have succeeded in the bet of being present on all the podiums in their respective categories, it is a triumphal welcome that has been reserved for them on their return to the territory. this Monday, March 13 in the early afternoon at Juliana airport. Thanks to the support and partnership of the Community and the Regional Academic Delegation for Youth, Engagement and Sports (DRAJES), which are fully aware of the benefits of a good sports policy, Thierry Saint-Auret intends to continue his work of perpetual training: "When I founded my school 30 years ago, I wanted people to rediscover a taste for effort and studies, so that they didn't put up any barriers. If young people leave Saint-Martin when they come of age to continue their studies abroad, one generation leaves and another takes over. My main basis is to train women and men who are useful to tomorrow's society, people who are interesting and available to the community. If they are champions, it is even better”. Another huge congratulations to these six young talents who will have left an indelible mark on the Nice tatami. _Vx

The results of this Shindokaï 2023 French Cup for the Saint-Martin fighters:

HODGE Rachelsy: bronze medal

LAKE Said: bronze medal

VINCENT Franklin: bronze medal

VINCENT Francoise: vice-champion of France

THENARD Jamal: vice-champion of France

MAGNATE Geraldine: champion of France

Source: Faxinfo