CULTURE: Poetry in the spotlight with the Sparks association | FAXINFO

In order to promote the literature of Saint-Martin, the Sparks association is exhibiting poems by local artists in the hall of the Community, until November 30.

This project is supported by the Community and its cultural management. Each poem is embellished with a photograph of its author.

For this first edition, five authors are highlighted: Ruby Bute, Tamara Groeneveldt, Melissa Fleming, Dania Amacin and Leon Noël.

This exhibition is produced in French and English. The poems are also broadcast on the lamppost sails of local restaurants on the waterfront in Marigot.

Thanks to the support of the Community and the request of National Education and the Tourist Office, the Sparks association will soon publish a literary work by an author from the region to support teachers in the teaching of poetry .

Source: Faxinfo