CULTURE: World Mother Language Day | FAXINFO

Every February 21, the language of birth is honored by the United Nations (UN), thanks to World Mother Language Day.

Since 2009, the Community of Saint-Martin and its Department of Cultural Affairs (DAC) have taken this opportunity every year, in partnership with UNESCO, to promote Saint-Martin English through interviews and activities allowing people to practice the language of Saint-Martin and to create links around the richness and originality of “Saint-Martin speaking”.

The program developed by the Community, this Wednesday, February 21, 2024, consists of offering you 3 radio broadcasts with guests, under the title “The importance of preserving the mother tongue”, to discuss its origin and cultural specificities. A sidewalk microphone, an animated video and the interview with Mr. Alexis Standford “Language is at the root of Saint-Martin cultural identity”, will allow you to discover the specificities and history of the local mother tongue.

Finally, a quiz will be broadcast on the Community's social networks to test the public's knowledge. This involves highlighting “S’matin English” and encouraging native Saint-Martin residents and all other communities to use the local language as much as possible during this day, by highlighting oral traditions.

The language of Saint-Martin is a heritage that must be cultivated and passed on to younger generations. It is the pillar of the culture and identity of Saint-Martin, of the centuries-old heritage of the island and of the heritage which has been transmitted to us by our ancestors throughout the history and evolution of the Friendly Island.

Source: Faxinfo