CYCLONIC SEASON: Review of the exercise in real situation at the prefecture | FAXINFO

This Saturday, July 8, in parallel with the exercise of arming the cyclonic shelters of the Community, the prefecture of Saint-Martin via its Departmental Operational Center (COD) carried out its own exercise in real situation in the event of an announcement of a phenomenon cyclonic.

In the presence of all the actors concerned, namely the territorial police, the border police, the gendarmerie, the fire brigade, the airport of Grand-Case, the Saur, the ARS as well as the direction of the sea, the DEAL, the legal unit, and of course the interministerial defense and civil protection service, the real-life exercise in the event of a major hurricane was held last Saturday in the office of the delegate prefect of the Northern Islands, Vincent Berton. The objective of this type of exercise is to bring together all areas of competence in their respective experiences for shared information and an immediate response. The scenario was given around 9 a.m. by Boris Glinkowski of the SIDPC: hurricane Zoélie is approaching, with a significant cyclonic swell, orange vigilance is launched. Despite the discrepancies between the forecasts of the French and American models, all the services are working to launch the protocol in force. The facilitators gathered in an adjacent room and the services concerned in the conference room play their role perfectly by announcing various fictitious emergency situations to be managed, such as a crowd movement at the airport, an unsecured empty boat at Anse Marcel, the care of patients on dialysis, the question of lifting the bridge at Sandy Ground to allow ships to anchor in the lagoon, the shortage of certain foodstuffs, an impossible supply from EDF for lack of the arrival of the tanker, traffic jams on the R7, the arrival of reinforcements from Guadeloupe, waste on the landing strip of Grand-Case airport which will be evacuated when red vigilance is announced. The information is processed on the spot and the press releases relayed to the media in order to avoid any unfounded rumors among the population. Through this exercise, the prefecture was able to observe the organization and coordination of the various cells in order to perfect communication and the management of contingencies in an efficient and rapid manner. The Faxinfo thanks the prefect Vincent Berton and his team for having allowed him to attend this exercise which reveals all the determination of the officials to be prepared. _Vx

Source: Faxinfo