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Last Wednesday, the presentation of the Educational City took place in the parking lot of the Aline Hanson elementary school in Sandy Ground, a system intended to promote academic success and the development of students and young people by implementing coordinated actions thanks to partnerships between educational, social and cultural stakeholders.

It is in the presence of the delegated prefect of the Northern Islands, Vincent Berton, the 3rd vice-president of the COM, in charge of human development, Dominique Louisy, the vice-rector of the Northern Islands, Harry Christophe as well as the body teachers and associations that the official presentation of the Educational City in Sandy Ground took place intended for local children aged 0 to 25 years.

The “Educational City” label of excellence is first and foremost recognition of the region’s educational ambition. It rewards collaborative work between services of the Saint-Martin Community, National Education and the Prefecture to deploy more public human and financial resources in a coordinated manner in a district where everything is not easy on a daily basis for residents. youth.

It is also recognition of the determination of these same services to make education a priority shared by all stakeholders in the region, serving the academic and professional success of children and young people.

The objective of an Educational City in Sandy Ground is to do everything possible  to ensure a future for children. This involves strengthening school action and creating new activities to help achieve this success, for example, providing support to children with their homework.  This support for the child takes place in and outside of school. To help them  grow well, the Educational City integrates many activities such as the practice of music, singing, theater, reading, dancing, surfing or another sport and many other activities.

“The Educational City will undoubtedly change the course of history for a certain number of young people from Sandy Ground,” underlined Dominique Louisy during his speech. “The Sandy Ground district has never been forgotten, neglected or despised,” said Vincent Berton. “Young people can flourish in numerous cultural, sporting activities, academic support, etc..”

The Educational City has already made it possible to strengthen the actions of the Jérôme Beaupère and Aline Hanson schools. “Students of all levels were able to benefit from new activities such as a visit to the farm in Cul-de-Sac, the discovery of cetaceans, the memory of slavery around the history of One Tete Lohkay (participation of students from Grande Section to CM2), obesity prevention, the Prix des Incorruptibles project, selection of 5 books (develop a taste for reading), develop argumentation skills, vote for your favorite book, project discovery of sailing with ULIS students, FLE project for adults and young people from Sandy Ground, school radio, discovery of the flora and fauna of Saint-Martin with the Fruits de Mer association.

The Educational City also made it possible to develop and strengthen collaboration with associations.

In this new school year, several projects are being renewed:

Prize of the Incorruptibles, Memory of slavery, Sandy Ground in tale.

De  new projects are also planned for the 2023-2024 school year, namely, the CPs to discover the marine world, the little Toques, cooking workshop, discovery of the culinary heritage of Saint-Martin, garden project to which are added the association projects and the social aspect with social funds which helped parents in difficulty, particularly with the purchase of uniforms, school materials, shoes, etc.

“A big thank you to the associations because without them we would not have been able to carry out all these projects” underlines Joëlle Nebor, director of the Aline Hanson school.

As a reminder, since the labeling of the Educational City in 2022, the State has financed 1 million euros over three years, with the Community also participating in the financial component. _AF

Source: Faxinfo