European Elections 2024: Saint-Martin residents are called to the polls this Saturday, June 8! | FAXINFO

In this year 2024, the French are called to the polls to elect their European deputies. The European elections will be held on Sunday June 9 in mainland France and twenty-four hours before in the Antilles and Saint-Martin, i.e. this Saturday June 8.

For the period “2024-2029” all citizens of European Union countries will elect 720 deputies. This is a proportional election. To obtain seats among the 81 reserved for France and the overseas territories, the lists must reach the minimum of 5% of the votes. In total, 38 lists (see box, editor's note) are in the running for these European elections, including around fifteen overseas running mates.

The European Parliament is the only institution of the European Union elected by direct universal suffrage. Today there are 705 European representatives, sometimes called “MEPs”. There will be 720 during the next 2024-2029 term.

As for all other European territories, the results will be revealed on the evening of Sunday June 9 even if in the Antilles and therefore in Saint-Martin the counting will take place from Saturday June 8 in the evening in the territory's polling stations which will be open from 8 a.m. to 18 p.m. Remember to bring your voter card (the number of your polling station is mentioned inside your card) and an identity document. For people who have not received their voter card, you will still be able to vote in your usual polling station, provided you present proof of identity.  _AF

The list of polling stations

• Offices n°1: Hôtel de la Collectivité – Centralizing office: Marigot

• Offices n°2 – n°3 – n°14 – n°15: Emile Choisy School – Rue Paul Mingau in Concordia

• Offices n°4 – n°5  – n ° 16: Hervé Williams School – Rue de Spring in Concordia

• Offices n°6 – n°7: Aline Hanson School – Main Road to Sandy Ground

• Offices n°8 – n°9: Robert Weinum school city – Impasse Fond d'Or in La Savane

• Offices n°10 – n°17: Elie Gibs School – Rue des Ecoles in Grand-Case

• Office n°11: Ghislaine Rogers School – Rue des Ecoles in Grand-Case

• Offices n°12 – n°18: Eliane Clarke School – Rue de Spring in Orleans District

• Offices n°13 – n°19: Omer Arrondell School – Rue de Coralita in Quartier d'Orléans

Source: Faxinfo