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3086 voters went to the polls this Saturday June 8 for the 2024 European elections, representing a participation rate of 15,43%.

Despite 75 blank votes and 66 invalid votes, the Renaissance list (presidential majority) comes first with 33,72%, followed by the National Rally 24,58%, Reconquest 8,25%, PS 5,84%, LFI 5,67, 4,45%, EELV 3,12%, LR 3,12%, Sovereign Humanity 11% and the 3 other lists below XNUMX%. Apart from the northern islands, Wallis and Futuna, French Polynesia and New Caledonia, the RN list led by Jordan Bardella was well ahead of the other candidates overseas and especially in France._VX

Emmanuel Macron dissolves the National Assembly

At the end of the European elections in France on June 9, the National Rally (RN) list, led by Jordan Bardella, won an overwhelming victory with around 32,3% of the votes, largely surpassing that of the presidential majority, which did not got only 15,4%. The poll also saw a notable breakthrough on the left with Raphaël Glucksmann of the Socialist Party obtaining 14,2% of the vote. Consequently, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly. Nebulous strategy or poker move, this announcement had the effect of a bomb on the French political landscape. Early legislative elections are planned for June 30 and July 7 in France (June 29 and July 6 in Saint-Martin).

In reaction, the deputy of SXM and SBH, Frantz Gumbs expressed himself: “This decision (to dissolve the National Assembly editor's note) interrupts my mandate as deputy, the end of which was planned in 2027. I wish to continue this mandate until expected term. I will therefore solicit your votes during the elections scheduled for June 30 and July 7 (dates of elections in mainland France, editor's note). I want to hope that you will renew your trust in me. Thank you in advance for your support.” _VX

Source: Faxinfo