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Companies located in Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin can benefit, under certain conditions, from aid intended to reduce the cost of freight, set up by the State.

This aid aims to encourage the economic development of the communities concerned, by promoting local production. Thus, 50% of the expenses for raw materials processed in the territories of Saint-Martin or Saint-Barthélemy, raw materials or products from local production and shipped to the European Union and waste shipped to the European Union, for processing purposes.

In 2023, this aid benefited 10 companies in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, for a total amount of €345.

For 2024, a prefectural decree of April 8, 2024 sets the eligibility conditions for freight aid in Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin. In Appendix 1 of the prefectural decree, the companies which are eligible for this aid are listed: NAF codes for production companies and waste-related activities likely to be eligible for freight aid.


Production companies:

10 – Food industries

11 – Manufacture of beverages

13 – Manufacture of textiles

14 – Clothing industries

15 – Leather and footwear industry

16 – Woodworking and manufacture of articles of wood and cork, except furniture; manufacture of articles in basketry and esparto

17 – Paper and cardboard industry

18 – Printing and reproduction of records

19 – Coking and refining

20 – Chemical industry

21 – Pharmaceutical industry

22 – Manufacture of rubber and plastic products

23 – Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products

2431 – Cold drawing

2433 – Cold profiling

2434 – Wire drawing

244 – Production of precious and other non-ferrous metals

25 – Manufacture of metal products, except machinery and equipment

26 – Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products

27 – Manufacture of electrical equipment

28 – Manufacture of machinery and equipment nec

30 – Manufacture of other transport equipment

31 – Manufacture of furniture

32 – Other manufacturing industries

33 – Distribution and installation of machinery and equipment


Waste related companies:

37 – Wastewater collection and treatment

38 – Collection, treatment and disposal of waste, recovery

39 – Remediation and other waste management services

8292 – packaging activities

8299 – Other business support activities nec

The deadline for submitting freight aid application files is August 1, 2024. To download the prefectural decree and the subsidy application file, go to the website of the Saint-Barthélemy prefecture and Saint-Martin at the address

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