Golf: St Martin wins the 2023 “CONCORDIA CUP” | FAXINFO

The selection of Golfers  “Tamarins” won the traditional “Concordia Cup” last weekend against the St Maarten Golf Association (SMGA).

For this 2023 edition, there was only one round on Saturday instead of the usual two due to the lack of carts.

At the end of the games on 2 x 9 holes on Saturday (9 holes in 4 balls, 9 holes in foursome) Saint-Martin took a slight advantage over St. Maarten, with a score of 9,5 to 8,5.

Sunday at 8 a.m., the suspense therefore remained intact when the 18 golfers from each team set off in a “shot gun” in individual match-play, earning 1 point per victory and half a point in the event of a tie.

But once again Saint-Martin dominated this “singles” day with a score of 11 to 7. Final score: 20,5 to 15,5 for Saint-Martin who retains the Jason Nuyiadzi trophy for the 4th consecutive year.

At the end of the competition, a “surinam lunch” style buffet was made available to participants in the process of “redoing” the games (and justifying themselves by their bad luck at putting…) seated all around the same table in joy and good humor in this period of unity.

Les Tamarins thanks the SMGA for the organization, Mullet Golf Course and its staff and the Cabinet François Anton GFA Caraïbes for the supply of polo shirts to the players of Saint-Martin.

Next golf meeting Saturday, November 26, Tamarins ranking competition.

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Source: Faxinfo