LEISURE: Dozens of kites in the sky of Galisbay | FAXINFO

With the aim of reviving certain traditions, the Caisse Territoriale des Œuvres Scolaires (CTOS) organized last Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. a kite festival in the Galisbay parking lot, with, among others, children participating in the reception centers .

On the occasion of the Easter holidays and as part of the collective reception of minors, this event open to all welcomed 250 children from CTOS as well as children from the Nature is the Key (Sandy Ground) and Cobraced (Concordia) associations and middle school students of the Mont des Accords. Ahead of the festival, the CTOS teams and the children made their kites with recovered materials, whether newspaper, coconut logs, palm leaves, skewers, fabric, thread. fishing or sewing, tape, glue and stickers. The smile and pride could be seen on the faces of the children who came to present their creation and fly their kite. Thanks to the strong wind last Wednesday, the Galisbay sky was filled with personalized and colorful kites, in a friendly and festive atmosphere, without forgetting the music in the background to enhance everything. For children and parents who did not have a kite, they nevertheless had the opportunity to participate in this beautiful festival by making their own kite on site, thanks to the making workshop. Leading the project, the CTOS wanted to maintain certain traditional and cultural aspects of Saint-Martin by introducing this practice to the youngest and reviving the memories of the older ones. Several tourists joined the CTOS group which also included several children with disabilities, supervised by adapted staff. This action featuring kite flying is intended to be perpetuated with an annual edition of the festival. The CTOS had also purchased several brightly colored kites to bring even more joy to the Galisbay sky. Gathered in the parking lot, the crowd did not shy away from their pleasure in flying dozens of kites while the CTOS teams ensured security so that the wires did not get too tangled. Bravo to the CTOS for this magnificent initiative, as unifying as it is original. This kite festival has indeed rekindled the flame of childhood for adults while brightening the day of the little ones (and the journalists present). _VX

Source: Faxinfo https://faxinfo.fr/en/loisirs-des-dizaines-de-cerfs-volants-dans-le-ciel-de-galisbay/