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This Saturday, March 23, the United Women Book Club Literary Association (UWBC) organized its first literary discussion in French, at the Librairie du Bord de Mer in Marigot, for a wonderful moment of exchange and sharing.

Perfectly fulfilling her role as facilitator, Rachelle Cenatus ensured that each participant felt engaged and enthusiastic about talking about literature. For this first edition which welcomed a good number of lovers of the 5th art, the literary association had chosen to put at the heart of the discussions the first novel by Emmelie Prophète, “Le Testament des Solitudes”, a work which aroused a wide range of emotions within the group present… proving once again the magic and the unifying power of literature. Some readers have highlighted the uniqueness of the writing style of the Haitian novelist and journalist, sometimes characterizing it as difficult to approach but nevertheless captivating. For the readership gathered at the Librairie du Bord de Mer, Emmelie Prophète was able, through her writings, to convey not only the complex problems in Haiti, but also love and beauty in a fascinating poetic style. Through this enriching exchange, the participants were open-minded despite the great cultural diversity of the territory. “The Testament of Solitudes” is a deep, touching work, which offers a multitude of things from which we can benefit. Danielle Chance, president of the UWBC Association, chose to organize this first discussion in French at the Librairie du Bord de Mer for this special dimension dear to the members: “It was like returning to our roots, returning to the same owners in a place where we bought our school books when we were children.” This event also demonstrates the value of adopting different languages ​​within the community: “Language is a treasure, enriching our lives in so many ways. We are proud to be part of a community that reads without borders,” adds Danielle Chance, grateful for the success of the first edition of the UWBC literary discussions in French and who is already working on organizing the second. _VX

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