MISCELLANEOUS FACTS: A lifeless body in the waters of the Marina Royale | FAXINFO

This Sunday, March 31, 2024, around 16 p.m., the Saint-Martin firefighters were called to the presence of a body in the water at the Marina Royale in Marigot.

“A team of five aquatic rescue swimmers from the Saint-Martin firefighters was hired for a recovery mission,” specifies the commander and head of the rescue center, Cyrille Pallud. The lifeless body of a man in his sixties and of foreign nationality was taken out of the water and entrusted to the gendarmerie services. An investigation was opened to determine the circumstances of this discovery and the causes of the victim's death. _VX

Source: Faxinfo https://faxinfo.fr/en/faits-divers-un-corps-sans-vie-dans-les-eaux-de-la-marina-royale/