MISCELLANEOUS / Saint-Barth: a hiker victim of a ten-meter fall rescued by firefighters and gendarmes | FAXINFO

The least that can be said is that the gendarmes of Saint-Barthélemy had an eventful day last Saturday, after being called in as reinforcements by the firefighters to rescue a man who had fallen more than ten meters in the "crests" of Grand Fond, in Saint-Barthélemy.

Very quickly a “caravan” was formed to transport rescue equipment in steep areas in thirty minutes.

Good cooperation between the rescue teams made it possible to stabilize the victim and stretcher him at the top of the ridge to be evacuated by helicopter.

As a reminder, simple precautions are necessary for professionals and individuals traveling to the area: have adequate equipment, have a means of communication and inform a loved one of their itinerary (especially if you are going alone), stay focused and know your limits.

Source: Faxinfo https://faxinfo.fr/en/fait-divers-saint-barth-un-randonneur-victime-dune-chute-de-dix-metres-secouru-par-les-pompiers-et-les-gendarmes/