PETANQUE: The Northern Islands Committee and the Cariboule Club urgently looking for land! | FAXINFO

The many pétanque enthusiasts in Saint-Martin still do not know on which ground they will be able to play next season (2023-2024).

Indeed, the Cariboule club which has occupied the Baie Nettlé bowling alley since March 2018 will have to leave the premises. David Luftman, who had generously made his land available, must recover it for the reconstruction of two restaurants, work on which should begin at the end of July 2023.

A land application file was submitted to the Collectivity in May 2022. Various avenues have been studied by the Collectivity's Sports department but to date none of the projects have been implemented.

Time is running out now. We bet that a solution will be found quickly to allow the many petanque enthusiasts in Saint-Martin to practice their favorite sport in good conditions.

Head to “France” for L. Sieber and O. Bellavoine

Otherwise, a female doublet from the Cariboule club will compete in the French championships on July 22 and 23, 2023 in Auxerre. This team will represent the Northern Islands with our two champions, Ludivine Sieber and Omaya Bellavoine. _AF

Source: Faxinfo