PORT OF GALISBAY: Closing of consultation prior to the extension project | FAXINFO

On Friday April 12, 2024, the public consultation restitution meeting as part of the Galisbay port extension project was held at the CCISM. It’s time to take stock.

Launched on February 27, the preliminary consultation supervised by the national public debate commission will have enabled the population to be fully involved in the Galisbay port extension project. As a reminder, the public consultation will officially close on April 21, the population is invited until this date to share their feelings about the extension project via the port website (see information). The restitution meeting of all the work carried out took place on Friday April 12 in front of a small gathering in the presence of Alain Richardson, 1st vice-president of the COM, and Albéric Ellis, director of the port establishment. Over the entire duration of the preliminary consultation which included 8 thematic workshops submitted to debates, 9 public meetings, 2 mobile debates and an “Open Port” day, 78 questions were asked of the project management during the debates in attendance, answers provided by 13 elected officials and expert speakers. 139 people participated in the workshops, participation marked by a small but very mobilized qualified audience. In terms of public information methods, 1000 flyers were distributed, 100% of the debates broadcast, 5815 replays were listened to and 427 visitors visited the port site. The main lessons of the consultation revolve around the impacts of the extension project: impacts on the sovereignty and overall attractiveness of Saint-Martin, the transport of goods and logistics, tourism, the environment, the local port ecosystem, the traffic, water resources, businesses and employment, local finances and organized civil society and residents. What mainly emerges from the population's feedback concerns subjects such as local youth employment, supplies in the event of natural disasters, drinking water, competitiveness and the expected benefits for the territory. Alain Richardson recalled the importance of constant access to the island: “The port with its extension will allow our territory to guarantee security in terms of accessibility of people and goods. Irma was an event which opened the eyes of many, this project is part of the Community's territorial project, it is a locomotive for development. Currently, the reception capacity is not up to par according to Albéric Ellis who counts more than 6.000 cruise passengers in 2023 on the French side: “Security requires the sizing of the structure, we must seek greater traffic”. Continued in our next edition. _VX



Source: Faxinfo https://faxinfo.fr/en/port-de-galisbay-cloture-de-la-concertation-prealable-au-projet-dextension/