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Like every year, the Archiball rugby school took part in the most important tournament in the Caribbean with their counterparts at Good Luck du Gosier in Guadeloupe.

The young Saint-Martin rugby players put their titles on the line during the Pérez trophy since the – 8 and – 12 year olds had won in the 2022 edition.

The Stade Cayennais de Guyane, the Diamant as well as an agreement from Martinique made the trip to face the teams of Guadeloupe, St-Barth and of course Saint-Martin.

The – 8 year olds opened the ball on Friday evening. The budding Archiballs have shown themselves to be strong-willed, courageous and determined. Their captain Stan in the lead, the children gave it their all! From surprising beginners to up-and-coming players, a team has been formed to ensure the next generation.

The tournament was high and the children obtained a 5th  very encouraging place for the future. Coaches Emma and Camille can be proud of the work accomplished this year.

On Saturday, the defending champions entered the competition with the categories – 10 and – 12 years.

The 10-year-olds had a flawless run. They lost in the final with a score of 4 to 3 against a homogeneous Diamond team which did not give up.

“We are lucky to train a group of friends with crazy potential. We would like to congratulate the Ile du Nord agreement which grabbed a nice 4th place as well as the children who participated under other colors. They will have the opportunity to represent the Archiballs at future meetings. There is no good team without great coaches, congratulations to Lou, Rachel and Dédé ”, underline the leaders of the Archiball club.

The 12-year-olds made a great entry into the tournament against Le Moule. They were irreproachable but the contribution of the bench to pay for the opposing team which made the difference at the very end of the match. Regrets since the rest of the day, the team was undefeated. Between victories and a draw against the Diamant de Martinique, the children come home with a truly deserved silver shield. Stéphane and Alex were able to motivate the boys after this first cruel defeat, congratulations to them.

The Archiball club would like to thank all the people, sponsors and institutions who contributed to the success of this trip to Guadeloupe. Making children's eyes shine is the greatest reward! _AF

Source: Faxinfo