RUGBY / U14 Championship: great weekend for young Archiball rugby players | FAXINFO

As part of the U14 championship organized by the League of Guadeloupe, the young Archis won the Saint-Martin stage hands down by finishing undefeated in their stronghold of Bellevue!

The team led by the trio Sasha, Davis and Alex had a great day, dominating their opponents who came their way. A great performance achieved by the young archis and players of the Saint-Barth Barracudas who intend to confirm their current good dispositions during their next confrontations with the Guadeloupean clubs.

The leaders of the Archiball Club would like to thank Olivier, Hilaric and Lionel of the Guadeloupe Rugby League for their help, advice and expertise, without forgetting the clubs of the Rugby Club Moulien-Scolos, the Bruc and the Rugby Club de Baie Mahault-Jaguars.

A great rugby day which was made possible also thanks to all the club volunteers who worked for the success of this great tournament. _AF

Source: Faxinfo