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An important moment of sharing organized at the Collectivité of Saint-Martin this Tuesday, February 20, the critically acclaimed film “Choke Hold” was presented in front of a distinguished audience, marking a pivotal moment in the relentless fight against domestic violence. .

Directed by Joel Ayuk and produced by CANI TV Association, “Choke Hold” gained international acclaim, winning three awards across Europe for its deep impact and captivating storytelling. For those who have not yet seen this poignant film shot in Saint-Martin, it tells the story of a police officer caught up in the demons of the past who fights to preserve his family, with a finesse specific to Joel Ayuk.

The screening took place in the presence of Justine Bénin, interministerial coordinator for the fight against violence against women in overseas territories, alongside Harry Christophe, vice-rector of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, Jeanine Arnell, Ida Zin Ka Leu and esteemed professionals from the social and educational sectors, namely Ms. Dormoy, Brooks, Dino, Arron and Ms. Venthou-Dumaine and Armongon. Their presence underlined the importance of the film and the collective commitment to the fight against domestic violence. “Choke Hold” captivated the audience with its emotional depth and powerful soundtrack, causing a wave of appreciation and applause. Justine Bénin praised the film for its professionalism, thoughtful portrayal of reality and comprehensive approach to the topic of domestic violence, highlighting its potential to raise awareness and stimulate meaningful discussions. Given the success of the film and its powerful message, the latter expressed the wish that “Choke Hold” be screened in Saint-Martin, Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana, with the aim of broadening the reach of the feature. -footage in order to maximize its societal impact.

The event also celebrated the collaborative efforts of local organizations, including the SXM NINI association led by Sofia Carti Codrington and the Les Axes Et Cibles pour Tous association led by Fatima Zara, demonstrating the community's desire to support initiatives to combat domestic violence. This screening not only reaffirmed the potential of “Choke Hold” to serve as a catalyst for change, but also highlighted the unity and commitment of the Saint-Martin community to the creation of a safer society. and more conscious. _VX

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