SECURITY-PREVENTION / CLSPD: Several devices deployed in the territory | FAXINFO

Since 2022, the Local Security and Delinquency Prevention Council (CLSPD) of Saint-Martin has deployed a new dynamic aimed at implementing visible field actions and fighting effectively in favor of public peace.

The video protection, car impound and creation of the Family Council projects are launched!

The CLSPD also manages major projects for security, tranquility and assistance to residents:

• The rehabilitation, modernization and extension of video protection throughout the territory, with work starting in the second half of 2024 and installation finalized in 2025, will offer the territorial police and the gendarmerie a strategic surveillance and control tool. .

• The opening of the car impound, operational in the first half of 1, will be a means of sanctioning non-compliance with the highway code.

• The relaunch of the Council for Family Rights and Duties is scheduled for the first half of 1, to serve families in difficulty.

• The new reintegration platform for people leaving prison and people placed under the yoke of justice will be effective in the second half of 2 for personalized support for reintegration.

Among the work that will be carried out in 2024, the CLSPD plans to define its “Territorial Security and Crime Prevention Strategy”. This tool will be useful for the deployment of the territorial security and prevention plan and will be launched before June 2024.

A local security diagnosis will make it possible to draw up an inventory of delinquency and to understand the needs linked to prevention.

With a view to the establishment of new Neighborhood Councils next March, the CLSPD will propose a “charter of commitment to public tranquility”, between institutions and members of civil society. The objective is to be able to initiate actions that meet the specific needs of people experiencing difficulties in the neighborhoods.

Source: Faxinfo