Sexual violence against children: let’s break the taboo | FAXINFO

The Departmental Council for Access to the Law (CDAD) of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy is organizing within the local court in Marigot, the National Day for Access to the Law (JNAD) which will take place tomorrow, Friday May 24, 2024, from 9 a.m. to noon.

As a reminder, this national day was created in 2018 by the Ministry of Justice in order to promote public policy to support access to the law generally throughout the territory and to highlight the actions carried out locally while throughout the year. Its aim is to provide greater visibility to the CDADs and the structures they coordinate. On the occasion of this event day on Friday May 24, 2024, the theme chosen for this free conference-debate open to all will be that of sexual violence against children with the aim of breaking a taboo that is too deeply rooted in our society. A guest of honor will participate in the discussions in the person of Aude Camagne, member of the CIIVISE (Independent Commission on Incest and Sexual Violence against Children). _VX

Source: Faxinfo