SINT MAARTEN: The authorities want to strengthen the security of the country’s borders! | FAXINFO

Earlier last week, Justice Minister Anna E. Richardson hosted a conference titled “Strengthening Border Control,” which was held in the Simpson Bay Resort room. This conference marked the official start of the implementation of Sint Maarten's plan of approach aimed at strengthening the security of the country's borders.

The current plan of approach is the result of the political agreement reached between Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten with the Netherlands in 2020, which includes long-term financial assistance to Caribbean countries for measures to be taken in order to strengthen the security of their borders. In addition to making structural funds available to countries for the support of Dutch Customs, the Royal Netherlands Navy and the Netherlands Caribbean Coast Guard, the Netherlands will also make ancillary resources available for investments in the border agency equipment, personnel and facilities.

The objective of this conference was to gather information on the measures that have been implemented and those that are planned to strengthen border security. The conference ended with a tour of the Juliana Airport terminal reconstruction project, from which border agencies will also operate in the future, once it is completed. _AF

Source: Faxinfo