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The FCE network, Women Business Leaders – Saint-Martin & Saint-Barthélemy, is proud to announce the launch of the first edition of the 'Elevate' competition which will be held on March 8.

This initiative aims to strengthen the territory's entrepreneurial leadership, thus providing a unique platform to inspire and support the innovative minds of tomorrow. Designed as a mixed competition with a broad theme, 'Elevate #1' will welcome women, men, young people, business leaders as well as people with a business project. “The richness of orality and multilingualism make Saint-Martin an ideal place for this competition. We are convinced that recognizing and promoting public speaking skills can stimulate the economic development of our territory. » confides Mélanie Dal Gobbo, FCE president. By choosing International Women's Rights Day on March 8 as the inauguration date, FCE proclaims the crucial importance of gender equality in the entrepreneurial fabric: "FCE does not just claim the place of women in this universe often dominated by men. FCE embodies bold and inclusive leadership, thus inspiring collective collaboration where everyone, regardless of their gender, is invited to contribute to the construction of a dynamic and balanced entrepreneurial ecosystem,” explains the FCE President. If eloquence competitions are traditionally associated with renowned institutions, FCE intends to democratize this art by making it accessible to everyone, regardless of gender or entrepreneurial status. Thus, the competition is open to everyone, regardless of age, where each participant is invited to pitch (summarize concisely) a project, an idea or a value that is close to their heart, in French or in English. The main thing is to do it in a relatively short period of time, in a few punchy words: “30 seconds… that's the time it takes for the human brain to form a first impression. 1 minutes is the time you have to introduce yourself or your activity, before you lose the attention of your audience” confides Bahia Yacine, FCE General Secretary. One week before the event, participants will receive five key words related to women's entrepreneurship to integrate into their pitch, as well as a practical sheet and advice. The objective is to encourage creativity and appropriation of the subject by the participants. The jury will be made up of 3 members from partner institutions, namely: FCE, CCISM, Initiative Saint-Martin, France Travail and Saint-Martin Evolution Toastmasters Club. FCE invites everyone to come and attend this competition and support the participants. If the location has yet to be determined, registrations are already open (see QR code on the poster or links below). _VX

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