STRIKE OF LIBERAL DOCTORS: Before going to the emergency room, call 15! | FAXINFO

As part of a national strike movement of liberal doctors planned for this Friday, October 13, 2023, it is possible that certain medical practices will be closed this Friday in Saint-Martin.

In this context, the Regional Health Agency reminds us of the good reflexes to guarantee the continuity of life-saving emergency care.

Throughout the year, and even more so in the event of difficulties accessing primary care, emergency services face significant tensions.

In order to combat congestion in these services, users are strongly recommended to call Samu (15) before going to the emergency room, which is reserved for the most serious cases.

Emergencies are intended to take care of life-threatening emergencies that require an immediate response. Emergency services save lives every day, treat serious injuries and perform expert procedures. They serve everyone but to remain effective, they must focus on patients in a real state of emergency.

Before going to the emergency room:

• I call 15, or contact 114 if I am hard of hearing;

• I am looking for a teleconsultation appointment;

I should not go to the emergency room for:

• a sports medical certificate;

• a prescription renewal;

• a vaccination;

• an extension of sick leave;

• the production of x-rays without a prescription;

• a pregnancy test without pathological symptoms

Source: Faxinfo