TOURISM: 19 tourist accommodation classified in 2023 | FAXINFO

This Tuesday, May 30, the ceremony for awarding stars to hotels and guest houses took place at the Lycée Professionnel Daniella Jeffry in the presence of Alain Richardson, vice-president of the Collectivity, in order to formalize the new classification of accommodation on the territory of Saint-Martin.

By way of introduction to his speech, Alain Richardson declared: “This term of office recently modified the tourism code to create measures that encourage and support professionals in upgrading their accommodation”. Encouraging all establishments to initiate this process of reconstruction, the politician is delighted that confidence has been restored and that professionals in the sector are showing courage, with strong will and professionalism. Having the competence of tourism which includes the rules, the standards and the code to be respected, the Collectivity thus continues its approach of classification of the establishments accommodating the tourists while reaffirming its objective to reach higher figures in terms of capacity, namely 3500 rooms. Stéphanie Bessière, director of tourism at the Collectivity, was then responsible for unveiling the new classification, a strong symbol of the reconstruction of the destination, with 43 accommodations listed (17 hotels, 6 residences and 20 guest houses). Of these 43 accommodations with 1161 rooms currently available, 19 are now classified which represents 44% of the whole: 7 hotels, 3 residences and 9 guest houses. New classified accommodations include the 4-star 'Sunseeker' Guest House at Orient Bay, the 2-star 'Tiko Lodge' Guest House at Oyster Pond, the 4-star 'Sea Pearl' Guest House at Orient Bay and the Residence 4 star “Orient Beach” also at Orient Bay. The accommodations that have earned an additional star are as follows: Hotel "La Playa" in Orient Bay with 3 to 4 stars and Hotel "Le Grand Case Beach Club" in Grand-Case with 3 to 4 stars. During the ceremony, Alain Richardson presented Bernice Richardson, from the guest house "Over The Hill" at La Savane, with her new 3-star plate, thus earning two additional stars during this new classification. Moved, the latter expressed herself in these terms: "It's a surprise but it's thanks to the community and the FEDER fund that I was able to put all my visions into my business and it paid off, I got three stars! ". Find the complete ranking of classified establishments in our digital version. _Vx

Source: Faxinfo