Winair -Surinam Airways: interline partnership | FAXINFO

The recent strategic partnership between Surinam Airways and Winair will enable an expanded network, offering direct travel connections for greater convenience and flexibility.

An interline partnership has been concluded between Windward Islands Airways International (Winair), a renowned carrier with over 60 years of experience in the Caribbean, and Suriname's airline, Surinam Airways. This partnership will also allow travelers to travel the same day to islands other than Saint-Martin, such as Antigua, Dominica, Saba, Saint-Eustache, Saint-Barth, Martinique, Tortola and many others.
The collaboration between Surinam Airways and Winair is a response to the evolving needs of modern travelers who seek seamless, stress-free travel. By joining forces, the two airlines aim to offer their customers greater connectivity and convenience throughout their journey.
This collaboration allows passengers to benefit from a simplified booking process, purchasing tickets for multi-leg journeys involving both companies, making it easier and more convenient to book to travel, for example, to St. Martin via Aruba or Curaçao. The passenger receives one (1) ticket, travels to Curaçao, switches to Winair and continues the journey to Saint Martin from Surinam.
This partnership allows Surinam Airways to expand its network and offer its customers more travel options to the Caribbean, Netherlands Antilles, South America and Europe.


Source: Faxinfo