Admissions team of Nurses at MHF in the spotlight for Nurse’s Week | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (CAY HILL) – In the admissions ward of the Mental Health Foundation (MHF), there are approximately 11 nurses that work there day and night, the MHF said on Monday in a press statement. “The admissions ward is where we provide treatment for those people with mental health issues, who require 24-hour care.

“People come in for various reasons, some come in voluntarily, and some are brought in for involuntarily when they pose a danger to themselves and their surroundings. This would be cause for admittance, and when being admitted, the team of nurses will stabilize the client, and bit by bit help him to recover, to the point where he’s doing well enough to handle the pressure that comes with every-day living,” the MHF statement said.

‘’It is not the easiest type of job,’’ says Donna Wint, Coordinator of the admissions department. ‘’It is a challenging, but rewarding job. We work in shifts (day/night), on weekends, on public holidays and no day is ever the same as the previous one. It is an interesting job as you experience various crisis situations which can make quite an impact sometimes.

“You really have to try not to take it on personally and leave your work at work. This is not always easy. On the other hand, I also feel great satisfaction, when I see that we can actually help someone, who was in complete distress.

“At that point, I feel fulfilled and happy that myself and the team were able to save someone from harming himself and others, and that’s also the responsibility that I feel for doing this job.

“In International Nurses week, we’d like to especially express our gratitude for nurse Donna and her Admissions team at MHF for the important work that they do for the community of St. Maarten day in and day out!

“Do you know someone who might benefit from mental health care, do not hesitate to visit our website and Facebook for more information or to walk in at our facility on Leopard road 1, Cay Hill, (right behind Kooyman).”

Source: Souliga Newsday’s-week.html