SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – The Beyond Kultura Events Foundation (BKE) will start its STORYTELLING-workshop within short. 

“Beyond Kultura invites you to participate in its Storytelling weekend workshop of 22-23 and 24th of March coming. Times for Theory: Friday 22th from 18.00-20.00, Saturday 23th and Sunday 24th from 12.00-4.00 pm. The participants will get the basic skills in storytelling, inclusive the techniques of the puppet show. Teacher and facilitator of the weekend training are the well known DIANA Lebacs and Loekie Morales.

“Right thereafter they will embark in a Practical phase, which will last from April, May to June. Beyond Kultura has engaged 10 primary schools, 2 community Centers, some afternon schools and a Children home to participate in this project. Candidate storyteller will tell stories to their children.

“During the information session last Friday, enthousiastic potential storytellers have gotten information on the ins and outs, the requiremnts etc. of the project. 

“This is their opportunity to become a certificated storyteller! If you as adut 18 years and older are interested you can register before 15th of March coming at: or call for more information Morales at tel.+ 1721-5271223. 

“Theregistration fee for the storytellingmodule is for each student is $20,00. He or she will get a stipend for each storytelling session in the practical phase after the weekend training,” BKE said in a press statement over the weekend. 

‘We are in need of 2 coachers with knowledge on Storytelling to visit the storytellers and judge them based on our criteria, to be certificated. Children are participating for free. We are most happy that we can kick of next week. 

‘Thecommitment of financial support from the Prins Bernhard Cultural Fund Caribbean, the Nederlandse Taal Unie and the Collaborative Funds has made this possible. They are helping us out to put happy smiles on the faces of so many children on Sint Maarten,’ Morales stated.

Source: Souliga Newsday’s-storytelling-workshop-soon-to-start.html