De Weever: Political inclusion needed for the interest of St. Maarten | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) – Minister of Justice, Cornelius De Weever stated in his resignation letter that during the transition, it should not be about political polarization but political inclusion in the interest of St. Maarten.

Minister De Weever further stated in his resignation letter dated October 10, 2019 addressed to his colleagues in the Council of Ministers, that “today is Constitution Day and as a strong defender of our constitution and our Democracy, I must do everything humanly possible to avoid any potential conflict or confrontation from escalating with Parliament while protecting the principle of ‘trias politica.’”

“As we observe Constitution Day, I would like the council to consider my resignation as soon as possible to avoid the current impasse from intensifying. In the letter from the Chairman of Parliament dated October 1, 2019 it is clear that Mr. William Marlin will be using this impasse politically to vindicate himself of what transpired in 2017 and in fact has indirectly instructed the Kingdom Council of Ministers to intervene as they did in 2017. I do not want to be used as a political pawn in his, the NA, the USP, Brownbill and Mecellina vendetta or misconstrued revenge game against the Kingdom Council of Ministers, despite the lack of contention within the Kingdom, and that the interests of St. Maarten are actually being served while the opposite was true post Hurricane Irma,” stated Minister De Weever in his resignation letter.

Minister De Weever’s resignation letter further states that Parliament in their capacity as co-legislator, should in this stage until elections focus its strength on the handling and passing of the Penal Code, the Penal Procedure Code and Book 2 of the Civil Code to avoid a public statement for non-adherence/compliance to the recommendations of the CFATF. Given the sensitivity and risk associated with the potential public statement, I must submit to you my resignation in an attempt to avoid jeopardizing our national security. It is often said: “Country above self,” and I will surely put St. Maarten above myself to ensure that the livelihood of our people and our economy are protected.

Source: Souliga Newsday