Gibbs calls for the Spirit of Unity and Sharing to Prevail this Fish Day Weekend | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SAINT MARTIN (MARIGOT) – The 17the edition of ‘Fish Day’ will be celebrated on Sunday, May 5 in Cul de Sac. President of the Territorial Council Daniel Gibbs in a pre-Fish Day Message to the Saint Martin community called on the young people to drive with caution on the public roads. Gibbs message of caution was referencing three motor scooter road fatalities that occurred within the past three weeks on the French side.

Gibbs said that these serious accidents that have taken place in recent weeks leading to the death of young moped drivers in the Orleans neighbourhood as well as a young scooter driver who lost his life on the road to Grand Case. In the face of these tragic circumstances and the pain of the families that affect us directly, Gibbs added that these can only be addressed with our support to relatives and sending a cautionary message to the youth of French Saint Martin by calling on them to wear helmet, drive with caution on the road, and comply with the safety rules of the road.

President Gibbs adds that the Carnival festivities on the North side of the island and the upcoming Fish Day are an opportunity to relax from a busy daily schedule and to have fun with friends. Gibbs added that it is also essential to preserve this sense of celebration and sharing our Caribbean culture, and on the other hand, we must always keep in mind the safety rules to be followed scrupulously to preserve oneself and preserve others. Gibbs calls on the communities to pass this message around particularly to the young people.

Gibbs added that altercations, unnecessary tensions, have no place during festivities; that they are moreover absolutely contrary to the spirit of our friendly island and to living together in strength as one St. Martin people. Gibbs invites everyone, those who chose Saint-Martin as their home to join in this spirit of unity and sharing that has been preserved over the decades.

Source: Souliga Newsday