Jacobs launches policy platform to elevate work of government apparatus | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) – Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs launched the Policy Platform within the public administration. The Policy Platform is an initiative of the Ministry of General Affairs, spearheaded by the department of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the department of Personnel, as the Secretariat to the Platform.

The objective of the Policy Platform is to connect the policy layer throughout the public administration, thereby ensuring proper cohesion and collaboration on a policy level and ultimately enhancing and elevating the work of the entire government apparatus.

Every Ministry has a mandate for a specific policy domain, however often aspects within the domains overlap and efforts are therefore duplicated. There are currently fifty-three policy advisors divided amongst twenty-three departments and entities.

Government with its limited capacity and resources must implement ways and means to enhance institutional development, not only for efficient and effective functioning but also to enhance productivity.

Through the Policy Platform all policy departments / policy workers are connected. The Policy Platform also includes a digital platform in the form of an intranet. The intranet provides a digital space for policy workers to share documents and information as well as edit policies in real-time. It also has a function for policy workers to chat with each other or in groups and have digital meetings.

Through the Policy Platform, policy workers will be up to date on policy developments as well as to what policies are in process. Finally, the Policy Platform aims to create a baseline of knowledge throughout the public administration. This will be achieved by providing workshops, presentations and trainings on operational aspects of the public administration.

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