Kidz at Sea welcomes new talent to boat building class | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (SOUTH REWARD) – With the generous financial support of Samenwerkende Fondsen, the Kidz at Sea Foundation recently welcomed new students in the boat building class of the Build Your Future project.

As an introduction to the marine sector on Sint Maarten, this project enables students of the Milton Peters College in the ages between 14 and 18 years to join a special boat building class for several months and take sailing lessons in their spare time.

The current boat building team consists of the following students: Rayzjeldrick Karel, Jason Gumbs, Natercia Eleonora, Owean Brown, Nyssa Williams and Kyshani Hyman.

After some hiccups after the hurricane, the current team is looking forward to finish the boat and get it out on the water before the end of summer:

Rayzeldrick Karel (17) ‘we would like to fix up the boat now and then sail it later!”

Jason Gumbs (17) ‘I’m happy to work on the construction of this boat, I’m learning a lot in the process, but I can’t wait till the boat is finished and get it in the water!’.

The boat that is being build is a Didi 26 designed by Dudley Dix, it is affectionately referred to as Hull #2 at the moment and will become the sister ship of Purple Heart, the previous sloop built by MPC Vocational students. When put to sea, this world-class racing designed vessel sails with 6 crew.

Through the Build Your Future project and other activities, the Kidz at Sea Foundation is dedicated to providing young persons access to career opportunities in the marine sector of St. Maarten.

The project is specifically geared towards developing life skills to help youngsters succeed, both on and off the water. Skills such as teamwork, communication, accountability and problem solving are at core of the project.

Source: Souliga Newsday