Launch of Sargassum seaweed collection operations underway | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SAINT-MARTIN (MARIGOT) – At the start of the week, the Collectivity launched the first Sargassum seaweed collection operations on coastal sites impacted by seaweed stranding’s such as the Cul de Sac bay, Mont Vernon beach and Lucas bay.

This first step will allow the large stocks of algae accumulated on the three sites to be collected and dried in the coming weeks. The Collectivity’s service providers will start to remove the coastal Sargassum groundings that have recently arrived.

As a reminder, the Collectivity proceeded, several months ago, to develop a public market specially dedicated to the collection of these polluting and inconvenient algae. Two companies were selected and are operating a method defined in advance, for adapting the collection of algae while respecting the immediate environment (extraction of algae and preservation of sand and marine turtle spawning grounds).

The preparatory meetings between the Collectivity and its service providers took place at the beginning of the week and it has been made possible to jointly readjust the operating mode given the presence of unusual quantities of algae. The DEAL (Department of the Environment, Planning and Housing) also participated in these exchanges at the request of the Collectivity.

The collection of algae is currently underway. The companies providing services to the Collectivity will intervene until further notice in order to restore to the bay of Cul de Sac, the beach of Mont Vernon and the bay Lucas, an aspect acceptable to all, according to a statement from the Collectivity.


Source: Souliga Newsday