LU hosts annual fire drill exercise | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (CAY HILL) – Learning Unlimited Preparatory School (LUPS) held its annual Emergency Fire/Disaster Drill exercise on Friday, September 13 in keeping with its outlook on disaster preparedness and preparation.

The exercise included various emergency response teams including the Fire Department, Police Department, and Ambulance services. The Fire Department responded with two fire engines and several members of their emergency response team. LU’s community police officer, Mr. Felix Richards was on the scene as well to provide organizational assistance. The fire department contingent also included representatives from the disaster management service, the prevention, and repression departments.

The LU staff and students were swift in their response and evacuation actions. Teachers, students, staff and even canteen workers evacuated the building and arrived in their allocated evacuation areas in less than three minutes. Almost everyone was accounted for with the exception of two designated students, who were reported missing.

During the drill, a smoke machine was used to simulate real-world conditions and the designated two students remained in the main building unannounced to the fire department. Upon the arrival of the emergency services crews, they were informed of the situation and notified of the missing students.

The firemen and firewomen were extremely well-prepared and they performed their duties professionally and responsibly in a very timely fashion locating the students and providing relief actions. All of the emergency response services were impressed with LU’s quick response time and complimented the school’s administration and emergency response leaders for a job well done.

Following the conclusion of the evacuation exercise, LU’s emergency response team met with the local fire department and Officer Richards to review the drill and provide feedback.





Source: Souliga Newsday