Make-over for TV-15 Logo and IPTV Brochure | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) – A new-look Triple Play brochure complete with new TV15 logo and new channel placement have been produced by TelEm Groups IPTV provider, TelTV.

With the new brochure comes a host of new Fiber Triple Play packages from an 8MB “Convenience” offer to a super-efficient 50MB “Ultimate” plan. In between are several other plans offering 15MB, 20MB, 30MB and 45MB to suit each customer’s need for bandwidth and budget.

The new brochure also includes in its new look, a numbered listing of channels that can be used in coordination with TelTV’s Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for planned viewing.

TelTV is also announcing its most dramatic change, in the redesign of the TV-15 logo to a retro artistic look. Subscribers will notice that TV-15 has now been officially swapped with NBCSN on the TelTV program line-up so that the local channel can be on Channel 15, while NBCSN is now on Channel 10. (TelTV Subscribers who can still see TV-15 on Channel 10 are advised to reset their IPTV set top box in order for the change to take effect.)

“In keeping with our new “nostalgic” logo for TV-15, televiewers will be happy to see their local channel back where it started, since TV15 has always been associated with channel 15,” said TelTV representatives recently when announcing the changes.

TV-15 televiewers have come to rely on their favorite channel to keep up with local, regional and international developments, also developments within the St. Maarten Government, especially with live broadcast of meetings of parliament while in session.

TelTV subscribers can continue to look forward to new changes and upgrades to their service within the coming months.

Source: Souliga Newsday