Male suspect arrested for having a firearm in his car in scooter theft investigation | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (SAUNDERS/COLE BAY) – The man with the initials N.W. is facing charges for having a firearm in his vehicle on Tuesday evening of September 29th, 2020, police said in a late-night Wednesday statement. 

On Tuesday morning a man with the initials J.A.W. appeared at the Detective Department to launch an official complaint of theft of his scooter that was stolen from his residence in the Saunders area.

J.A.W. told the detectives that he had seen the car involved in stealing his scooter later in the day and tried to approach the driver of the grey-colored vehicle. While approaching the vehicle he was threatened with a firearm by an unknown person.  

Later in the afternoon, the police received information that the grey car involved in the theft of the scooter was seen near Subway on the Welfare Road. The driver of the vehicle appeared shortly after and told the officers that he had rented the vehicle from a friend. He was requested to appear at the police station to give a statement about the vehicle in which he was driving.

During a search that took place later that afternoon in the vehicle, a silver revolver was encountered hidden in the car. After consultation with the Public Prosecutor, the driver of the car was arrested and was questioned about the firearm.

He has been incarcerated at the police station pending further investigation. This investigation is still ongoing. (KPSM)

Source: Souliga Newsday