SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – April is recognized by the SZV as Autism awareness month and in light of this, SZV was invited by the Sister Basilia center to provide information on the AVBZ health insurance coverage to both parents of clients and the staff.

The AVBZ insurance specifically caters to persons with a chronic illness. Persons with a chronic illness are typically in need of nursing or care because they can no longer maintain themselves as an independent individual in society.

These conditions may exist as a result of a disease or complication thereof or due to old age. As part of the scheduled parent’s evening hosted by the Sister Basilia center, SZV representatives provided information about the role of SZV as executing agency, the AVBZ law, entitlement, procedures and general requirements for access to health care products available under the AVBZ insurance package.

In addition to the information session, SZV presented the Department Manager of the Sister Basilia Center Ms. Mimi Hodge with a donation of ten (10) tickets for an Easter Egg hunt for the clients of the center. Both parents and staff posed various questions, but also gave SZV representatives feedback on customer service, access to information and tips for improvement as it relates to customer relations. SZV commends the dedication of the both parents and staff of the center for their commitment to improve the services available at the Sister Basilia center and the interest to learn more about the social and health insurance services and options at SZV.

“The Sister Basilia Center provides day and night care for children and adults with intellectual and / or physical disabilities. On behalf of Sister Basilia Center team, client and families we thank the AVBZ team for a very informative meeting. Base on the information session the parents and team are more informed of AVBZ services. We are very delighted to also see the AVBZ team highlighting Autism and bringing awareness to the community. Clients and families are also very happy with the 10 donated Easter Egg hunt tickets by the AVBZ team. Management, staff and parents look forward to a continued good working relationship with the AVBZ team.” – commenting as representative of the Sister Basilia Center, Department Manager Ms. Mimi Hodge.

Unit Manager Operations of SZV Mr. Reginald Willemsberg presenting the AVBZ law during the information session at the Sister Basilia Center.

Source: Souliga Newsday