Peridot Foundation Commemorates International Women’s Day ‘#EACHforEQUAL’ | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – Peridot Foundation states: “Happy International Women’s day to everyone in general and in particular to all Women in Sint Maarten and around the world.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day commissioned by the United Nations Secretary General is #EachforEqual. According to the UN notification, theme aims to shine more light on the role each one of us (female or male) can play in making a significant difference in increasing gender equality. Most importantly, we must understand that gender Inequality is Not a women’s issue only.  It is an economic issue.  It is critically important to continue to strive for increased and equal women’s participation in key areas of an economy. The UN elaboration on this year’s theme manifests the objective that gender equality is Quote: “Essential for economies and communities to thrive” Unquote.

Gracita said: “Several key areas still remain underrepresented by women including in business board rooms, in the media and top government departments according to the UN statement. Question, to what extent does this apply to Sint Maarten? It would be interesting to know how many qualified females are represented in top business positions across the board in both the private and public sector.  At least at one high profile area of the public sector, which is Parliament, women remain noticeable under- represented with recent only four (4) females of the fifteen (15) members represented”.

“Raising awareness and making a significant difference at both corporate and governmental level in terms of increased participation can be achieved. To that extend it is very important to establish a Research and Development (R&D) institution in Public Private partnership.  This is one way in creating much needed credible data base of statistics which allows for unbiased policy proposals and concrete concrete actions in implementing gender equal policies.

Arrindell continues:  Peridot Foundation takes this opportunity to salute all businesswomen at all levels of our community. Women who have been at the helm of their businesses (appointed or created no matter the size of the company or establishment. The list include, however is not limited to women such as: Dr. Judith Arndel, Zaida Urvina, May Li , Rhina Mcsood, Anne- Marie Brooks, Dr. Leonie Bryson, Eleonore Astier-Petin, Ingrid Bosnie,  Dr. Ruth Douglas, Meredith Boekhoudt, Valeska Luckert, Marlene Mingo, Beverly Wilson, Nada & Rolah Andraous, Janice Balborda, Debbie Lindt, Zahira Marchena, Sheila Sorton,  Altagracia Williams, Maayke Martina, Beverly Hyman, Brenda Wathey- Meyers, Cadula Rombly,  Maqueda Jackson, 

“All women who owns and operates their company, U are the backbone of our society”

“Peridot Foundation concludes:  We salute all women and all men who supports and celebrates our achievements thereby making our communities thrive and strong #EachforEqual is a yearlong endeavor. Individually and together let us continue to make the difference. “Happy International Women’s Day March 8, 2020” 

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