Police make several arrests over the weekend for robbery, ill-treatment and possession of stolen goods | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – The Sint Maarten Police Force (KPSM) made several arrests over the weekend for various infractions, which included robbery, ill-treatment, and possession of stolen goods.

(SOUTH REWARD) In the first arrest which took place, yesterday, Sunday, August 23rd 2020 at approximately 4:00 pm, the police patrol spotted a male suspect in the South Reward area, whom an arrest warrant was issued for in connection with a robbery that had taken place.

Suspect R.B. according to the warrant signed by the prosecutor’s office, he was being sought for his involvement in a robbery as well as being in possession of a stolen vehicle. He was ultimately arrested without incident and brought to the police station in Philipsburg where he is being held for questioning.

(ZORG EN RUST) In the arrest that followed on the same date, Sunday August 23rd , the police patrols were directed to Zorg en Rust road where it was explained to the dispatch that persons were currently busy stripping a potentially stolen vehicle of its parts.

At the location, the patrols encountered a young man standing next to a car that was stripped of its parts. When he saw the officers, he got on a motorcycle and tried to flee the scene. The patrol managed to stop and arrest the young man after a short chase.

During a brief interrogation of the male suspect, it was evident that the detained suspect was a 15-year-old minor. The underage suspect with the initial R.R.A. was taken to the police station in Philipsburg where a statement was taken. After giving a statement, he was released to the custody of his parents.

(CUL DE SAC) In the third arrest the police patrol was dispatched to the L.B. Scott road on Friday August 21st 2020 around 8:30 pm, after a gray vehicle that was reported stolen some days earlier was spotted in the area.

While patrolling in the Cul-De-Sac area, the officers spotted the vehicle driving on the L.B. Scott Road and ordered the driver to stop. When the driver saw the patrol, he increased speed and continued to drive pass police car, with the consequences that he damaged the police vehicle in his effort to escape.

The patrol managed to apprehend the suspect after a brief pursuit in the area. After being arrested, the suspect with the initials R.R.R.C. was taken to the Philipsburg police station where he is being held for questioning. The vehicle was confiscated pending further investigation. (KPSM)


Source: Souliga Newsday https://www.soualiganewsday.com/index.php?option=com-k2&view=item&id=33145:police-make-several-arrests-over-the-weekend-for-robbery,-ill-treatment-and-possession-of-stolen-goods&Itemid=451