President Arrindell says Minister responsible for Kadaster to be invited to Parliament as soon as possible | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – President of Parliament Hon. Gracita Arrindell says a meeting of parliament will be called with respect to the report that the Ombudsman has submitted to the House of Parliament regarding a complaint by a citizen against the Kadaster.

The report will be distributed to the Members of Parliament as an incoming document. The meeting of the House of Parliament will take place with the Minister who has the political responsibility for the public entity, Kadaster with respect to the results of the report.

President Arrindell also pointed out that a meeting can also be convened for the Ombudsman to publicly appraise Parliament with regards to the contents of the report. The Kadaster can also be invited to Parliament.

Under the new constitutional structure all new entities has its own responsibilities. The institution of the Ombudsman, was established in 2010, and has been enacted by law not only to ensure that Sint Maarten has its own ‘public defender’ to investigate, free of charge, citizens’ complaints against governmental entities as well as private entities charged with public authority.

The institution of the Ombudsman as a High Council of State must receive all necessary cooperation and respect from all entities in order for the system of checks and balances to function as intended in our democracy governed by the rule of law, President Hon Gracita Arrindell said on Monday, adding, “…plain, yet apparently not so simple, in practice given the conclusions of the report.”

“Void of any progress to resolve the alleged issue of none compliance or alleged obstruction from the side of Kadaster, Parliament has at its disposal, the right of inquiry. Based on article 64 of the Constitution this instrument can be considered in order for Parliament to get to the bottom of this issue and instruct government to take appropriate measures if and where necessary.

“The office of the Ombudsman is a highly respected organization all over the world for over a hundred years. It gives citizens the opportunity to get assistance (instead of paying for the service) in filing a complaint against government or institutions acting on behalf of government.

“The main goal is to find solutions to the problems. To right a wrong, once researched, discussed and presented. It would not be a good day for Democracy if the role of the ‘Defender of the People’ is undermined for whatever reason,” President Arrindell concluded.

Source: Souliga Newsday