Sint Maarten Youth Leaders Take Advantage of Erasmus+ Programs | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (ST. PETERS) – The St. Maarten Youth Council Association, in collaboration with the Caribbean Education and Culture Foundation, continues to offer opportunities to youth leaders and youth workers through Erasmus + Programs.

Aarin White, Secretary General of the Sint Maarten Youth Parliament, and Kenneth Serrant – Director of the Seventh Day Adventist Pathfinders, are currently in Narva, Estonia to participate in the training course U Learn- supporting learning in youth work.

The training course is organized by VitaTiim of Estonia and aims to enhance youth workers’ ability to actively support young people’s learning, self-directedness and motivation, while empowering them to improve their personal situation. The course brings together participants from Croatia, Latvia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Denmark, Lithuania, Sint Maarten, and host Estonia. The course runs from March 11 – 15, 2019.

On Wednesday March 13, two young leaders left Sint Maarten for Malta to participate in the first leg of a three-part exchange. Awareness Migration Integration is organized by Genista Research Foundation of Malta. Emerging Leaders Loudahlia Brill and Erwin Romney will participate in this program which looks at youth participation, youth work, migrant issues and the integration of refugees. The course runs from March 14 – 20, 2019. 

The second leg of the exchange will be hosted in Sint Maarten by the Caribbean Education and Culture Foundation, from June 26 to July 2, 2019. The final site visit will take place in Slovenia in September. Participating countries are Malta, Slovenia, Turkey, Portugal and Sint Maarten. In addition to the skills and knowledge gained throughout the exchange program, an online platform will be created by the end of 2019 to facilitate continued collaboration.

The St. Maarten Youth Council Association is excited about these and other partnerships and learning opportunities for St. Maarten’s youth and youth workers. Persons 18 years and older, interested in participating in future courses and youth exchanges, can contact the St. Maarten Youth Council Association at 1 721 550 8971; email ; or visit the Face Book pages of  the St. Maarten Youth Council or the Caribbean Education and Culture Foundation.

The organizers are currently recruiting three suitable candidates to participate in a ‘Critical Thinking Skills’ training course from May 4 – 12, 2019 in Pamporova, Bulgaria.

L to R: A. White and K. Serrant. (Photo contributed)


Source: Souliga Newsday