SINT MAARTEN (SOUTH REWARD) – On Monday March 23, the St. Dominic High School starts its eLearning program with Forms 1 to IB. At 8:00 am, The school building will be void of students and teachers due to the current closure and health crisis, but homeroom will commence via video conferencing.

Last week, staff and teachers had commando workshops in order to be prepared to virtually meet with their students this week. With the objective of sharpening the technology skills of the teachers, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Team and in-house expert teachers led sessions on Zoom video conferencing, Google Classroom and Nearpod.

Each head of department met with his or her team to coordinate lessons, the materials that will be used and how best to offer support to all students via the various platforms. The teachers engaged in a test run with their students on Friday March 20th. 

Furthermore, St Dominic High School will post all notices and important communications via its  LMS (learning management system) Sycamore Education:

Therefore, it is important that parents are able to connect and login with their unique parent profile that they received at the start of the school year. Through Sycamore’s Pass-a-Note messaging portal, parents can contact the school or their child’s teacher.

During this time during the mandatory school closure, Sycamore will be the only way to maintain communication between the school and parents; therefore, the school management is requesting all parents to ensure they have a valid username and password for Sycamore. If parents have difficulty logging into Sycamore, they must send an email to the administrator Mr. Rob Verschueren. 

His contact email is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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. It is key that parents and students use Sycamore to remain abreast of school news, have access to subject course outlines, receive and send messages and review student performance. 

The Management encourages our St. Dominic High family to take all necessary precautions to remain safe and healthy.

The Zoom video conferencing with staff.

Source: Souliga Newsday