St. Maarten Academy PSVE Achieves 89% Pass Rate. School Leaving Exercises Held on July 2, 2020 | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (ST. PETERS) – St. Maarten Academy PSVE hosted its school leaving exercises on Thursday July 2, on the school’s campus, with the theme “SOAR-The World Awaits You”, with 58 students, or 89% of the Form 4 students meeting the graduation criteria.

This year, given the COVID-19 realities, the school modified its graduation program, hosting five independent school leaving programs to minimize face-to-face engagement as students were conferred with their school leaving plaques and grades lists, while creating memories of their last official day at school.

The Honorable Minister of Education Drs. Rodolphe Samuel was in attendance during the exercise for B4C and shared kind thoughts while officiating in the program.

According to the Principal Mrs. Lavern A. Nelson, “the success of class of 2020 was truly a reflection of the ‘village approach’, which encapsulated a collaborative effort of the school board, management, faculty, staff, students and their parents/guardians as well as our partners in education and at Ministry level.”

The principal thanks the entire ‘village’ for their respective role in the school’s academic achievement this year. “It is our hope that as our students close this chapter, and transition to their higher calling to fulfil their lifelong purpose, they will remember to SOAR towards their dreams and aspirations. As a school it is our hope that, like eagles, the class of 2020 will remember to use their wings to mount above adversities and challenges, fly into opportunities and to enlarge their territories by caring not only for themselves but also for humanity, St. Maarten and beyond.”

Of the 58 students who met the graduation criteria, the PKL level saw a 96% pass rate, with 25 of 26 students graduating whereas at the PBL level, the pass rate was 85%, with a total of 33 students meeting the graduation criteria this year. Regarding the class specific pass rates by educational level, at the PKL level P4A mentored by Ms. Petromella Layne, attained a pass rate of 100%, while P4B mentored by Ms. Sheriva Welch earned a 92% pass rate.

At the PBL level, the best pass rate was attained by class B4A mentored by Mrs. Sneha Rajani with a 92% pass rate, followed by B4C, mentored by Mr. Dwayne Gordon, with a pass rate of 85%, and finally class B4B mentored by Mr. Travis McQuilkin with a pass rate of 77%. It should be noted that the P4A class will be writing the CCSLC examinations from CXC in August 2020.

For the class of 2020, the best graduating student for the PKL level was Kemar Brooks. As valedictorian for this level, Kemar Brooks graduated as the top student for Economics, Dutch and Mathematics. For the PBL level, the best graduating student was Charlita Mesidor, who graduated as valedictorian for her level, and for Economics, Administration and Commerce, English and Mathematics.

In terms of subject specific performances, for the Administration and Commerce sector program, the best PKL students were Harry Goguette, Ananda Washington and Adrian Valerie. At the PBL level, Charlita Mesidor achieved the highest passing grade. For the CAF subject, Chantana Osias achieved the highest grade for the level, while Charlita Mesidor had similar achievement for the PBL level. PKL student Kemar Brooks topped the class of 2020 for the Economics subject, followed by Charlita Mesidor for the PBL level, while Ronalie Smith earned the top spot for the PKL level in the English subject, while Charlita Mesidor held the top spot for the PBL level. Regarding the French and Spanish subject areas respectively, the PKL and PBL students were Myloundji Desilien and Jarule Deshommes, together with Santa Confinante Jimenez and Vanessa Vanterpool Laurent.

In the subject area Physical Education, the following students were the high achievers for their respective levels: Shania Gipson, Welford St. Jean, Tifaunia Joseph, Odlin Bebe, Kymani Edwards Hodge and Benjamin Jack. For the Dutch subject, the two top achievers were Kemar Brooks and Adrian Valerie, while Tania Mirien topped the PBL level.   Finally, in the subject area of Mathematics, valedictorians Kemar Brooks and Charlita Mesidor were the top achievers for their respective levels.

The Student Care Department coordinated by Ms. Barbara Cocks with team members Ms. Ramonda Hanze and Ms. Nkosazana Illis played a significant role in supporting mentors and subject departments during the COVID-19 inducted e-learning and support program, a contribution that was recognized at the school leaving exercises.

In addition to their support to the overall academic achievement of our students, a number of students were recognized for their academic improvement, resilience and perseverance. The ‘Most Improved Award’ at the PKL level went to Welford St. Jean and to Ramona Allen at the PBL level. The ‘Athletic Award’ went to Paul Emanuel while the ‘Resilience Award’ went to Jareese Jones, Ryshendi Charles and Johauri Pacheco. The Troopers’ Award was awarded to Alan Lapaix, Elisha Roomes, Marisel Marlin, Christopher David and Tiffaunia Joseph.

The FAVE Board, Management and Staff congratulates the class of 2020 and look forward to learning about and experiencing their continued positive impact on St. Maarten and beyond. Congratulations class of 2020!

Female Students- PBL Valedictorian Charlita Mesidor

Minister ECYS, Student Alan Lapaix, Student Care Cordinator Barbara Cocks, Principal Lavern Nelson.  In background Vice Principal Monique Beek.

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