St. Maarten Concrete hosts first amazing "Touch a Truck day" event | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG)—It was a fun-filled Saturday at the Government Administration Building parking lot in Philipsburg where children from all over St. Maarten were able to fulfil their fantasy of sitting in the driver’s seat of some of the biggest trucks on the island operated by St. Maarten Concrete Company.

Children and parents reveled in the sheer joy of being up close to these oversized trucks and being able to touch them. The event started at 10:00 am on Saturday and lasted until 5:00 pm.

Children were spiraling into a frenzy as they climbed into some of the heavy equipment that was on display. St. Maarten Concrete is the first company in St. Maarten to host the “Touch a Truck” event. The event allows children and parents to get close to some of the heavy equipment that is used to deliver the concrete that builds homes on St. Maarten.

The event was also used as a means of raising funds, and the proceeds will go to assisting the children of the I Can Foundation who were on hand for the touch a truck experience.

Many were excited at the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat of the company’s fleet of trucks. The first event has resulted in the organizers, St. Maarten Concrete, committing to making it an annual part of their promotion.

General Manager for St. Maarten Concrete Kenecia David said Sunday, “The event was a huge success for us and especially for the children themselves.” She said, “It was a day filled with lots of fun and games, and we enjoyed giving the children supervised access to these trucks so they can touch them and feel what it is like being in one.”

Many adults coming to the event recalled what it was like for them as children when they saw the trucks passing by.

One parent at the event said, “I always wanted to get inside the truck and especially wanted to blow the horn because it was so loud and it is so good to see St. Maarten concrete doing this as an activity for children to enjoy.”

As the children blew truck horns and operated pump trucks, their parents watched in amazement at how the kid’s excitement and many parents joined in the fun of pressing the gas pedal and hearing the huge engines roar while tooting the truck horns.

Other activities for children included lime and spoon races, bouncing castle and several chances to win prizes.





Source: Souliga Newsday