St. Maarten Day 60th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary on Monday | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – St. Martin Day 2019. A 60th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary celebration of Kinship, indomitable spirit of solidarity, resilience and endurance.

This 60th Anniversary of St. Martin Day, a people’s day celebration as envisioned by our founding fathers Dr. Claude Wathey and Dr. Hubert Petit, and brought to life yearly by dedicated civil servants, cultural activists, and knowledge bearers, who work diligently to ensure that this vision of togetherness is observed, comes alive again this year November 11, 2019. 

Under the theme WE-Story, our heroes and heroines, our cultural icons and cultural traditions will be celebrated in grand style, on Friday November 8, Sunday November 10 and Monday November 11 in a celebration committed to sharing and reminding the community of past glories, challenges conquered, and pinnacles achieved.

Friday November 8, 6pm kicks of St. Martin Day celebrations with the ONE SXM YOUTH concert.  Coordinated by Lucinda Audain of Funtopia ONE SXM YOUTH concert is a showcase of the voices of our youth, their stories as they live the St.Maarten vision. The concert will also launch the world premiere of  the short film “St.Maarten is My Home “ by  noted  film maker Atahlia Daye Rogers and proceeds to weave through a  tapestry of song, dances,  skits, fashion shows, and spoken word that will all pay tribute to St. Maarten.

Sunday November 10 starting at 4:30pm in the tradition of jollification, a coming together of   community to build homes, will feature Sunday Spiritual Jollification. A coming together in spirit to praise and worship, build community, solidify our commitment to be that nation that puts God first in all things. The Spiritual Jollification coordinated by Benjamin Bell features Harmonics, Torch, Unison Band, God’s Chosen Band Cecil Griffith) God’s Chosen Band, Shanella James –Romney, Shawn J and Benjamin Bell) and other noteworthy luminaries of the gospel genre  giving praise and thanks to the almighty in our unique  Sweet St. Maarten style.

Monday November 11 the dawn of the 60th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary will begin with the melodious sound of voices in praise and worship at the Philipsburg Methodist Church on Front Street. The Official St. Maarten day Program is as follows:

6:30 am Praise and worship at Methodist church Front Street

7:00 am church service at Methodist church Front Street

8:30 am Wreath Laying at Belleview View monument

9:30 am Uniform Parade Front Street starting at Walter Plantz Pier

10am to 11:30 official St.Maarten ceremony at festival village

10am opening of 1975 time capsule

10:15 present the 2019 time capsule

10:30 official speeches French and Dutch dignitaries

11:00am Burial of 2019 time capsule at government Administration building

11:15 Official St.Maarten Day toast

1pm to 4pm Traditional Games sports Lab academy by Les Brown at Little League 

2pm to 5 pm Cultural Parade Departs Jose lake Cooper ballpark to L.B.Scott road, to Bush road to Walter Nisbeth Road to Festival village

5:30 Movie St.Maarten is my home festival Village

6pm to 10pm Concert for St.Maarten Featuring St.Maarten 12 Kaiso monarch

Calypso Monarch Morenika Arrindell aka Shakiya

Calypso Monarch Empress Zee Z’haira Richardson

Calypso Monarch Ruminni “The Protégé” Rogers

Calypso Monarch Stephens “King Jacko Mc Cauley

Calypso Monarch Sir Isidore York aka Mighty Dow

Calypso Monarch Marvin King Stunky Dollison

Calypso Monarch Clements Richards aka Kaiso Brat

Calypso Monarch Ricky da Phox Bertie

Calypso Monarch Keith Carty king Repeater

Calypso Monarch Victor Richardson Genius

Calypso Monarch Alberto Arrindell Da Mega boss

Calypso Monarch Leroy king if kings Beau Beau Brooks

National Institute of Arts symphony youth Orchestra

Dennis Ramajan Maestro Young Musicians

Ebony Steel Youth Orchestra

Rappers Sigma Defense and Simple Tunes

Poets Tamara Groeneveldt, Raymond Helliger & Sjorensly Valies

Dance companies Dancing Dimension, Grain D’Or, Jonathan Arneman, Ihndisu Dance Theatre NIA Naomi Warsop

St. Martin Community choir

Vocalist Shanella Romney James

All concerts and event take place at the Festival village and Little Ball Park and is free to the general public. The entire public is strongly encouraged to attend these events and participate as much as possible. For more information please contact the Department of Culture, MECYS via 721-520-5340 and/or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Source: Souliga Newsday