Wever responds swiftly, solves cleaning issue in Betty’s Estate | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SINT MAARTEN (BETTY’S ESTATE) – One day after learning that the Company contracted to clean the Camelia Road in Betty’s Estate had for unknown reason(s) not done so, Minister of VROMI Chris Wever dispatched an alternate contractor to the area on Saturday, November 2, at 6:00 a.m.

A photo appeared in last Fridays’ edition of The Daily Herald, which showed garbage piled up on Camelia road near a GEBE meter box with wild plants growing in the area. It appears from residents’ account that the Company contracted to do the cleaning did not clean for some time leaving the garbage to pile up and disintegrate creating an “unbearable” smell.

Wever said in a press statement on Sunday “another contractor was appointed to have the situation rectified. The contractor was sent to the area on November 2 at 6:00 a.m. to service the metal bins that the current contractor failed to clean and to pick up all the bulky waste in the entire parcel six.”

Wever also indicated that because of the latest development in Betty’s Estate, some changes had to be made. The period the contractor is from November 2, 2019, at 6 a.m. to November 5, 2019, at 6 p.m.

The Ministry of VROMI (Public Housing, Physical Planning, Environment and Infrastructure) and Minister Wever will be monitoring the situation in Betty’s Estate and throughout Dutch St. Maarten to ensure that those contracted to clean are doing the work as prescribed within their contract.

The Ministry recently embarked on a clean-up campaign, which is designed to get the entire community involved in improving their living condition through the creation of clean surroundings. Wever said health and cleanliness are an integral part of the redevelopment of the people of St. Maarten and must remain a priority.

Source: Souliga Newsday https://www.soualiganewsday.com/index.php?option=com-k2&view=item&id=28140:wever-responds-swiftly,-solves-cleaning-issue-in-betty’s-estate&Itemid=450