Workshop for supervisors, team leaders | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

SABA–Supervisors and team leaders of the Public Entity Saba this week are taking part in a two-day workshop on Tuesday, November 19 and Wednesday, November 20 to further develop their leadership skills. Island Secretary Tim Muller performed the kick-off on Tuesday morning.

Addressing the participants, Muller explained that this type of training was essential and in line with the vision of the Public Entity Saba to further develop and strengthen the government apparatus in order to provide high-level service to the Saba community. Muller further explained that as supervisor or team leader, the participants play an essential role in executing the government vision and to coach the teams in the right direction. 

The training was initiated by the Human Resources Management (HRM) Department and its HR Manager Miguela Gumbs. “Our supervisors and team leaders play an essential role in motivating and managing teams and getting the work done on time and according to the highest quality standards. Supervisors and team leaders are expected to manage their teams effectively, efficiently and with integrity. To be able to meet these expectations and excel in their role as a leader, our supervisors and team leaders will be provided with guidelines on performing their tasks properly,” said Gumbs.

According to Gumbs, trainer David McGregor of training bureau Charisma TDC facilitated a “very interactive, successful, and practical workshop to the supervisors and team leaders concerning establishing their leadership role, their responsibilities, taking ownership, motivating teams, effective communication and managing with integrity.” This training is s the beginning of a series of workshops that will continue through next year.

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