Behind the scenes

Member of Parliament, Frans Richardson, has a point. Not every time a phone call is made to the Netherlands in the ongoing discussions regarding the reconstruction aid Holland is offering St. Maarten should the government of Sint Maarten run to the press and inform the general public of this.

It is important that sensitive negotiations of this nature not be done via the media. We have written in our newsletter on Monday that true diplomacy is achieved when common ground is found in a sensitive, understanding and effective manner. That can not be done via the press.

We understand all too well that much is happening behind the scenes and the authorities involved dread being dragged into the limelight of the media in the ongoing political discussions and debate regarding the conditions the Kingdom government wants to impose on Sint Maarten as a pre-requisite for the reconstruction aid while they are simply doing their job to reach consensus and continue the good working relations that already exist.

So in all fairness one cannot accuse the government of Sint Maarten of complacency just because one is not aware of what is going on behind the scenes.

Source: StMaartenNews