Deadline to register new political parties November 23, 2017

Philipsburg — In view of recent political developments and the parliamentary elections on February 26, 2018, the Electoral Council hereby informs all existing and prospective political parties desirous of participating in the upcoming elections that:

According to article 16 of the National Ordinance on registration and finances of political parties: new parties need to submit a written application to register the party with the Electoral Council. Together with the application for registration of the political party, the following documents should be submitted:

The application for the registration of a political party must be done no later than Thursday, November 23, 2017. Due to the fact that currently the Electoral Council does not have an office please make an appointment to apply for registration with the Electoral Council by emailing your request to

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Pursuant to the aforementioned National Ordinance, failure to apply for registration by the deadline, will result in the party not being able to contest the upcoming elections.

According to article 14 of the aforementioned Ordinance: any existing political party that wishes to change the previously registered reference above the list of candidates, is required to do so no later than November 23, 2017.

The following political parties are currently eligible to participate in the upcoming elections:

The Electoral Council would also like to inform all existing parties that any amendments to their current Articles of Association or any changes of their representatives and/or deputy representatives to the Electoral Council must be submitted to the Electoral Council as soon as possible.

Photo caption: Members of the Electoral Council: Marvel Hooi, Linda Richardson, Bert Hofman, Cela Richardson-Nicolaas and Oscar Williams.

The Electoral Council consists of the following members:

For more information, please visit the website of the Electoral Council,, or send an email to

Source: StMaartenNews