Eight MPs ask something the government has already agreed to

PHILIPSBURG – Eight members of Parliament have sent a letter to Governor Drs Eugène Holiday, the Government of St. Maarten, the Kingdom government and its own Parliament in which they commit to amend the draft national ordinance Integrity Chamber in a way that addressed the objections Kingdom Relations Minister Ronald Plasterk expressed in a letter dated October 13.

The group of eight also wants to instruct Justice Minister Rafael Boasman “to negotiate a mutual agreement with his Dutch counterpart to realize the cooperation mentioned in the same letter.”

The group of eight consists of Democratic Party MPs Sarah Wescot-Williams and Perry Geerlings, UP-MPs Theo Heyliger, Franklin Meyers, Claret Connor, Tamara Leonard and Sidharth Bijlani and USp-MP Chanel Brownbill.

While the group of eight sent out its letter, Prime Minister William Marlin announced at a press conference (see related story) that the Council of Ministers has decided to agree with the required changes to the Integrity Chamber draft law and the strengthening of border control by deploying more Marechaussees and Dutch customs officers.

Remarkably, the group of eight is not asking for the departure of the Marlin-government. They commit to “spare the people of St. Maarten any further political uncertainty and any talk of elections during these difficult times.”

It is the first time in the political history of country St. Maarten that a so-called “new majority” does not grab the opportunity to bring down the government.

Source: StMaartenNews http://stmaartennews.com/politics/eight-mps-ask-something-government-already-agreed/